Purse Lights
With just one click, purse-digging is a distant memory.
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Purse Lights has a powerful LED light that helps you to easily find the lipstick, keys, and change that often hide in your purse.

Purse Lights will save you time and frustration, because you'll never have to fumble around in your purse again!

Comes in a package of 3, in colors of Pink, Blue and Black or Zebra, Chrome and Leopard.

Purse Lights' durable construction stands up to heavy use.

  Purse Lights are slim, compact handbag lights that
attach to the inside pocket of virtually any purse.
Purse Lights: Pink   Purse Lights: Blue   Purse Lights: Black
Pink   Blue   Black
Purse Lights: Zebra   Purse Lights: Chrome   Purse Lights: Leopard
Zebra   Chrome   Leopard
Purse Lights features:
Easy on/off button Has a patented clip which holds the light firmly in place.
Clips to any inner purse pocket  
Hands-free, patented slim design Each light comes equipped with batteries
High intensity white light technology  
AND each light comes with a color-matched, multi-surface sticker bracket for drawers, cabinets, car interiors, etc. that your Purse Light can clip onto!
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